The Bike

Big Bike is a project that fulfills the idea of zero-emission freight transport and delivery.

Ultimately, it will reduce the number of gasoline powered vehicles being used and reduce the city’s ecological footprint.

The bike can carry up to 800lbs of cargo and can be used for a variety of purposes. We have created a prototype and tested it out with coffee deliveries from a business last year, in the downtown core, and found it to be a huge success.

The Big Bike is versatile and can be used for a number of applications. At festivals and events, it can be used to transport cargo and, even people, to different venues. In fact, last year the Calgary Folk Festival borrowed the prototype Big Bike to collect garbage and recycling at the event.

At Calgary’s educational institutions, it can be used by grounds crews to maintain the property. This is currently being done in the US, at the University of California Davis. Commercially, businesses can use it to make deliveries.

The Big Bike has an unlimited number of applications, and, as you can see, it often replaces the use of trucks and other gasoline powered vehicles that cause pollution.